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A new era has started since coronavirus hit our lives. Things that we never thought about before are happening every single day. This new situation has changed our lives significantly and there is no better thing to do than to adapt to it. Let’s think of it as an opportunity to start new projects, like learning a language.

At this point you may ask: is there a way to learn a language online?. Our answer is: yes, there is! and we are here to tell you all the advantages you will find when learning online.

1- Say goodbye to driving and parking

One of the many problems people find when learning a new language is to find the perfect academy, that one that adjusts perfectly to your goals and to your study methods, and sometimes it is far away from home or from your job. This means driving the car/taking the public transport and spending some precious time on a vehicle.

Studying online gives you the advantage of arriving home and just turn on your computer, sit on your favourite chair and enjoy a well prepared lesson with a great teacher a the other side of screen

2- New world: new options

Studying online not only means to save time but also to have more options. If you have presence lessons, the academy or teacher options are limited; while if you go online, your academy or your teacher can be at the other side of the world. It will be easier to find the perfect schedule for both parts.

Make a good research and talk with different online teachers to know what they can offer you and when. Maybe you can only study early in the morning, why not choose someone in Australia? Or, what if you can only study at night? someone in Washington may be perfect for you.

Time is relative, remember?

3- Your own goals

Looking for an online teacher means that you have way too many options and it will be easier to find a good program adapted to your own goals.

You can search for conversation with native speakers, preparation for an official test with the best possible academy or private lessons to adjust them to your own pace and learning path. It’s never been easier to learn English is the best possible way for your own

4- Who is that? a new friend!

Apart from saving time and finding the best teacher for you, guess what? you will also meet new people from other cities or countries. When picking group lessons online you may find yourself in a class with students from different parts of the world. This will not only give you new friends but it will also help you understand different accents and questions that you may not think in your own language.

Also, if the students are from different parts of the world, it is for sure that your English speaking will improve exponentially as it is the only language you will be able to use between all of you. It is a great way to widen your world view and to learn about new cultures.

5- Shirts and shocks

If we have not convinced you yet about the advantages of learning online, here it is our last point. When learning from home you are comfortable at any time: wear a shirt and forget your shoes! The more comfortable you feel when learning anything, the best you will improve.

You can also have a cuppa’ at tea time or a coffee if your lesson is at 8 in the morning, nobody is going to forbid you to feel good at your own place.

Remember that if you want to study online you have to be responsible, act serious in class, study and have a good internet connection.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to study English online? We are here to help you with any questions you may have about this new method. Just email us and we will answer all your doubts.

Marta Sanchez, docente di Inglese e Spagnolo. Spagnola di Salamanca ed appassionata di viaggi, ha vissuto in Inghilterra ed Australia. Vivere in Italia è la sua nuova sfida insegnando quello che le piace di più: le lingue.