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Play, have fun and learn!

Play, have fun and learn!

Learning a language can sometimes be seen as a boring, grammar-based activity we tend to set aside during specific “study” moments. There is a myriad of ways to enhance language learning, and for that reason I’m not going to try to name as much as I can but focus on one fun way of spending our leisure time practicing a language.

Before you begin to read ask yourself these two questions: Do you love playing games? Do you love learning new languages? If you’ve answered “yes” to both of these questions, then definitely keep reading! If you said “no” to one of the above questions, then you’re in for a treat: Games make language learning extremely enjoyable, and language learning adds a whole new nuance to playing games.

There are tons of awesome ways to learn a foreign language using media such as watching movies, listening

to music or even reading foreign magazines. However, most people can agree that playing games is definitely by far one of the best ways to learn a new language.

If you’re trying to teach yourself a new language, learning through games is a solid method because not only are they usually appropriate for (and enjoyed by) learners of all ages, but many are also wonderful for get-togethers with friends and family. This can lead to people learning foreign words and phrases all at the same time without using boring books.

So, if you’ve never used games to boost your foreign language vocabulary before (or even if you have and are just looking for more options), here are some games that can help you build your foreign language vocabulary fast!

A useful example?

Board games (such as Chess) and card games (such as Poker) have been around for centuries and are excellent ways to interact with others in person while working your cognitive skills.

While activities that feature more modern technology such as video games have stolen some of the shine

away from these type of games, both board games and card games can’t be beat and they’re still preferred bymany as interactive tools to unite people around the world even to this day. Here are some great games to help you learn languages—no computer or Internet required.

Alejandra Gimenez, insegnante di spagnolo e inglese. Collabora con Centro Studi Ad Maiora