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Study from home during summer, is it possible?

Study from home during summer, is it possible?

2020 is not the year we all expected. What was in your “to do” list at the end  2019? I am pretty sure it was something like: “Start to take care of myself with my diet”, “Meet my siblings at least once a week” or one of the most popular “re-start learning English again”

Well, due to the coronavirus outbreak the world started living in January in China and that it was spread all around in every single country on earth, we have all found some difficulties to accomplish our own goals.

Let me tell you that studying a language from home is possible. But I have even better news: study in during the summer it is even better.

There are many reason to study a language from home during summer is a great idea and today we are going to talk about the advantages of it, are you ready?

  1. It is compatible with many others activities

Are you a very busy person? A meeting during the morning followed by lunch with the kids and a whole afternoon typing on the computer the last report from work. Does it ring a bell?

But if you are working from home, I am pretty sure there is some space in your calendar that didn’t exist before. For example: what about the time that you used to invest going to work? Or picking up the kids from school?

That hour is just perfect to turn on your computer, connect yourself to your zoom class and immerse yourself into a fun and educative insert-here-any-language lesson. Most of the times the teachers working online will make you speak from minute and there is no room for your usual embarrassment speaking in public.

  • It is cheaper than classroom classes

Usually online courses are cheaper than the ones in the class, as the costs for the academy are lower. In the case that the cost is the same as the face-to-face ones, you still have to think about the transportation costs that you will save connecting from your own living room.

Apart from the transport, there are others costs associated with going to face-to-face lessons: materials, a coffee with your colleagues, the time you need to go there and back, etc.

  • One to one focus lessons

As the cost is usually cheaper, you will be able to access easily one to one lessons. What does that mean? It means that you can have a teacher just for yourself, receiving customized lessons in order to reach your goals easier and quicker.

Think about this specific case:

You are a business person, involved with USA and Great Britain multinational companies and the last time you spoke English was during your high school time. Speaking good English would give the possibility for a promotion, which means a better salary and better opportunities for the future. In this case you will have the chance to ask for what you need: negotiation skills, business vocabulary, welcoming a visitor, etc.

  • Tea please? Yes thank you

Is there anything better than sitting in your favourite chair to have a lesson? I really doubt it. You can wake up just a few minutes before your class and even pour yourself a nice cup of tea to enjoy it with your teacher through the screen.

Once you get used to study with your webcam on, you will get relaxed and start having fun at your class. It is easier to share audio-visual content with students and there are many tools to share information in order to make a dynamic lesson.

  • You can study from any part of the world

Probably, this is the main reason to study anything online: from knitting to any language. Apart from doing it from your favourite chair, you can do it from your favourite city.

This advantage works either if you are a world traveller or if you are always in the same place. Not only will you be able to have lessons from anywhere, but also to choose your teacher in any place of the world. Taking into account the time difference, of course.

It is perfect for people who live in the countryside or in less populated cities, where the course offer are always less than in big cities.

  • Constant connection

When you study online you have access to the lessons material at any time during the day, what means that you will be able to study at your own pace. If there is any update in the material, you will receive an email and you will know it instantly.

Having access to the lessons agenda gives you the freedom of entering it anytime and create your own notes about it. You will also be able to prepare your questions before any class and take advantage of it.

Are you now convinced about learning online? If you are still looking for a good school and teacher to learn English, Spanish, German or Russian, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you find the perfect teacher match for you. What are you waiting for? Summer is the perfect moment to start!

Marta Sanchez, insegnante di spagnolo e inglese. Collabora con Centro Studi Ad Maiora